Journal Bud

The idea for Journal Bud first came up after I fell  in love with all the gorgeous illustrated journals on instagram. However, I quickly realized that it was a lot more difficult and time-consuming than I expected so I got to work drawing stickers digitally. That way I only had to draw each sticker once and with much lower stakes as the Ipad has an undo button and unfortunatly my paper journal does not. 

After several years of drawing, I now have a large collection of stickers and instead of sitting on them for myself, I now want to make them accessible to others that face the same issue. 

Now, a little bit about me. I live in southern Sweden with my beloved dog and boyfriend. I work full time in an administrative role and I dedicate virually all my free time to crafting of some sort; scrapbooking, sculpting, pottery, drawing, planning and, of course, journaling. 

I hope you enjoy my hand drawn stickers!